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MQ 2024 News and informations


Sample change for AFIAS und Triage:

Participants who measure the D-Dimer with AFIAS or Triage will now receive a separate sample (G6).


From now on amplification and nucleic acid detection quantitative (viral load) for:

Sample V2 CMV           160.- per year

Sample V3 EBV            160.- per year

Sample V4 HBV           160.- per year

Sample V5 HCV            160.- per year

Sample V6 HIV             160.- per year


The pilot surveys for HIV/hepatitis serology have been successfully completed. The following samples will be definitively introduced from 2024:

Sample B42 HIV/Hepatitis B and C qualitative and quantitative (Hepatitis B)

Sample B43 Hepatitis A

Sample B44 Hepatitis E


Information on

Prompt evaluations and reports:

The evaluations are available in your online system 5 weeks after the samples have been sent. The reports are uploaded to the homepage at the same time.


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